What PMAA Members Are Saying About 1MARK

1MARK has exceeded my expectations! In less than sixty minutes CRW converted to 1MARK and training was completed in a few hours, it was extremely simple. 1MARK greatly assists CRW with the documentation requirements of the new 811 legislation by keeping a complete, digital papertrail of the 811 tickets my team processes. With one click my team can easily take multiple pictures of their markings or a dig site before they sink the backhoe bucket. My field techs are clearing 811 tickets faster and have instant access to CRW’s GIS data with 1MARK’s one-stop-shop approach providing locators with immediate information on their mobile devices , as well as access to record drawings .
— Maynard Gardner, Distribution Field Supervisor , Capital Region Water
In October of 2017 the Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority converted to the web-based 1MARK system for all its PA 1 Call ticket processing. Our area of responsibility for Bethlehem Township PA includes; public sanitary sewer, stormsewer, traffic controls, and lighting. Being able to provide our field staff with the integration of our ESRI® GIS mapping through the use of shape files and Google® Maps, the one stop shop approach enhances operations by providing locators with immediate utility location, as well as access to record plans. Staff can now easily navigate mapping and tickets on any cellular device in the field and on demand. Converting to 1MARK and training was completed in literally a few hours, was incredibly simple and immediate. In a world where software companies promise easy solutions and almost seem to never deliver, the 1MARK’s system literally is on the “mark”!
— Steven J. Hunsberger, Director PPIS/Bethlehem Township Municipal Authority
The Bradford City Water Authority converted to 1MARK for processing of our dig tickets. The BCWA had a duplicate Call Directing Code (CDC) from the POCS so that faxes of dig tickets could be sent to our distribution shop. We have now canceled the additional CDC and our staff simply logs onto 1MARK to view all dig tickets from anywhere. Deleting the CDC resulted in our bill from the POCS being reduced enough to pay for the 1MARK 811 base package. We have already moved up to 1MARK premium package and incorporated our 5,400 service tap cards so our staff can view these measurements in the field on the mobile device. Marking of our facilities for One Calls is now much faster and efficient.
— Steve Disney, Executive Director, Bradford City Water Authority
The 1MARK technology represents a game-changer for us. 1MARK enables Highland’s field staff to access and clear PA 1 Call tickets in the field, view our GIS data on Google Maps, and store photographs of our line markings for legal documentation purposes. 1MARK has made Highland’s operations more efficient.”
— Jeremy Horvath, Assistant Manager, Highland Sewer & Water Authority
1MARK is easy to use and quick to implement! My field staff are now equipped with Apple iPads to receive 1 Call tickets and view the dig site in Google Maps. The map shows the dig site with NBCMA’s GIS overlayed. IMARK allows my team to quickly mark, photograph and clear the marking or dig site. We are also working with 1MARK to allow us to view our Record Drawings using the Google Maps Viewer. With one click we will be able to see our Record Drawings which will really help my guys on late night emergency 1Calls.
— Jeff Greenwood, Chief of Operations Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority
Manor Township Joint Municipal Authority came across 1MARK in our search to enhance the management of our PA-1Call tickets.
Features we especially like include:
- Emergency tickets are now sent to multiple employees on their mobile devices which allows us to quickly respond to the ticket;
- Management knows that employees have been dispatched to respond to emergency tickets;Built-in tools allow us to test emergency contact phone numbers;
- Photographs of the worksite can be taken and stored with each ticket.
The conversion from our previous 1-Call delivery system to 1MARK was extremely easy. We are very pleased with 1MARK.
— April Winklmann, Manager Manor Township Joint Municipal Authority