Facility Owners

811 Tickets

1MARK for Facility Owners

A cloud-based solution for receiving and  processing your 1Call tickets.  1MARK does all the work for you - all you have to do is mark the site!  Accessed via the web, there is no software to purchase and never any updates to install.  We guarantee after trying 1MARK for 30-days, you will never think of your 1Calls the same way and it will save you time and money.  We know this product is easy to use because our customers tell us all the time!


Management 811 Tickets 

1MARK - Contractor Management

A cloud-based solution for receiving and  processing 1Call tickets for contractors and corporate mangers to track and gain visibility to work site jobs.

Communication between the front office and the field staff is now possible using this module because both parties are accessing the 811 ticket information online in real time.  Allowing a corporate manager to track active and completed work sites, view photos or videos attached to the ticket, easy search capabilities and much more.

A paperless solution that will improve how you get your field work done!  




1MARK uses Google Maps™ and any web browser to put your important data in the hands of your field staff.  GIS mapping and all of your geo-located data can now be affordably accessed on any mobile device.  1MARK provides easy to use tools for customers to keep their data current by uploading to the cloud field measurements for curb boxes, GIS Shape Files and Record Drawings.


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